Vex Zappers Reviews – Electric Bug Zapper Racket and Fly Swatter Mosquito Killer

A lot of people try to ignore insects and pests in the house, simply because of how difficult it is to remove them. If your past attempts to get rid of flies and other insects haven’t yielded favorable results, it’s time to adopt a change in strategy.

I’ve used and reviewed many an insect killer machine here but for those of you who want something smaller, something cheaper and something with a lot more active involvement, the electric fly swatter is the way to go. These bug zappers make for a happy medium between traditional fly swatters and large UV insect killer systems.
The Vex Zappers that we are reviewing today are some of the most popular insect killers in their category. Let’s take a look to see why.

The Vex Zapper dispenses 3000 Volts to instantly kill any insect it comes into contact with. This electric insect killer packs a lot of punch and if you’ve been looking to learn how to kill mosquitoes quickly, look no further. The device also works against flies, gnats, wasps, spiders and moths.

The Vex Zapper electric insect killer is powered by rechargeable batteries. You can directly plug the device into a socket receptacle and charge it up for use. It comes with an outlet plug so that you can fit it comfortably into a receptacle. This particular feature definitely gives the Vex Zapper an advantage over other electric swatters in the market; it is very convenient not to have to keep replacing dead batteries and spending money on new ones.

The electric insect killer is absolutely ruthless against all manner of biting/stinging insects but poses no threats to you or your loved ones. If you’re worried about accidental electrocution and injury, don’t be: the device comes with three protective layers in place to keep you completely safe.

The electric fly killer sports a blue LED light that boosts performance satisfaction. The moment you swing at an insect and make contact the blue light and buzz will kick for in rapid, effective results.

A feature that caught my eye is that this electric insect killer comes equipped with a built-in flashlight. The flashlight is small and retractable, and while it can’t replace your everyday regular handheld flashlight, it’s certainly a great tool to have on-hand in emergencies or if you’re swatting pests out in the dark.

Another great advantage of using this electric insect killer is that it’s portable. Unlike a larger insect killer lamp or ultrasonic pest repeller, the Vex Zappers aren’t stationary. This means you can carry them around the house or office with you easily, and also that you can pack them along for travel! Most people don’t think of things like insects when they’re planning a vacation but anyone who’s traveled someplace hot, dusty or humid knows just how important a pest-control strategy can be to having a peaceful, relaxing time! This electronic insect killer can be a great travel accessory to have along on a trip and it’s lightweight too!

A lot of people are wary of investing in insect killer machines because they’re not sure about the kind of materials and substances used and produced, specifically with regard to chemicals and toxins. This is also a disadvantage associated with using insect repellant creams and aerosol bug sprays. Luckily with bug zappers like this one, you don’t have to worry about any harmful toxins or fumes being released into your environment or coming in contact with your body.

The electric insect killer kills insects using an electric charge and there is absolutely no by-product released as part of the process. So, it is a medically safe and ecologically sound solution to your pest problem.

The company offers an attractive 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or you get your money back. In fact, they also offer to replace the electric insect killer should it break or be damaged in any manner- at absolutely no cost to you.

Some questions and answers about Vex Zappers Electric Bug Zapper Racket and Fly Swatter Mosquito Killer

How to know when it fully charged? 

When the led light is green.

Will it kill bees ?

It will kill bees, swaps … basically whatever you want to kill. Just hold the button down to send more shock until it dead

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This electric insect killer comes with an original price tag of PLEASE CHECK BELOW FOR ACTUAL PRICE NOW but it is currently available at a big discount:

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