Stinger Indoor Insect Trap Reviews You MUST read

You’re sitting and enjoying a nice cup of tea at the end of a long day when, out of nowhere, an insect zooms in and executes a graceful swan dive, right into that precious cuppa. Sounds familiar? If this is an experience you’re encountering often, what you need is an electric insect killer.

Buying the right electric insect killer is not an easy task: sure, you’ve got a lot more options to choose from today than ever before, but this only makes the whole thing a lot harder. With bug zappers across so many different kinds of brands, types, sizes, functions and price points available in the market, how do you know which one is the right electric insect killer for you? That’s where my reviews come in: to help you make an informed decision so that you can lead a trouble-free life.

Today, we’re going to take a look at the Stinger Indoor Insect Trap.

This insect killer machine by Stinger uses UV white light to draw insects towards it and does not employ any chemicals, thus making it an ecologically safe electric insect killer. Here’s how this electric insect killer works: after the pests are drawn to the light emitted by this UV insect killer they are sucked into the vacuum created by the internal fan. As a result, the pests get caught in the inner trap. The company claims that once caught, insects will die of dehydration and you no longer have to worry about how to kill mosquitoes and other insects. All you’re supposed to do is clean out the trap tray and let the electronic insect killer do the rest. But does it really work? Let’s find out!

To begin with, there is a major flaw in the design of this device itself: this electric insect killers works on the basis of the light filament drawing in all sorts of insects and the vacuum-tunnel created by the rotating fan catching them and trapping them inside the machine. The insects are trapped, but not killed instantly. This means that should things go awry, there are tons of trapped-but-alive insects just waiting to get out. Now, you might ask, can things go awry? Yes they can.

Stinger Indoor Insect Trap
Stinger Indoor Insect Trap

For starters, this electric insect killer uses a bulb to emit light; if you have a power failure or the bulb fuses, you’ve got nothing to draw the insects towards the machine and the fan won’t be able to trap and keep them there. The electric insect killer also sports a slider mechanism on the front, and this is the switch that governs the light filament and also allows access to the trap tray. So, if there’s a power outage or the slider was to be accidently repositioned, all the bugs caught within would come swarming out.

Imagine being stuck in a closed space with all the newly released insects? Shudder!

Another problem that many users have reported is the inefficacy of this insect killer lamp in regular settings where there aren’t hordes of bugs. Now, of course, it’s a good thing that an army of winged creatures isn’t constantly haranguing you, but if you invest in an electronic insect killer you will want it to do a good job regardless of how big or small the problem is. It seems like this pest repeller machine does a good job only in extreme situations where there are huge hordes of insects and a lot of them are attracted to the light en masse. If you’ve got a solitary mosquito or a moth or two flying around in a closed room the likelihood of the insects flying towards the machine is rather low. Since the product is essentially marketed as an indoor device, I’d have to say I find it a bit disappointing in this regard.

This electric insect killer is great for an outdoor setting where there are lots of insects and there are no other lights. Inside the house, the insects are likely to get as distracted by the other lights, or, as some users have reported, even by the light from the electric insect killer bouncing off other surfaces in the house. Also, if you were planning on switching this on at night inside a darkened room, you might want to rethink the idea: both the light and the whirring noise from the fan can be jarring and not very conducive to a good sleep.

Users who have used the Stinger Indoor Insect Trap in the outdoors report better results. It’s a lot more effective against dozens of flying insects that are more likely to be drawn towards the only source of light in the area.

If you do want to give this a shot, here’s a tip: once you’ve used this insect killer over a specific period and you want to empty out the tray, just spritz some bug spray into the tray to make sure all the caught insects really are dead. You don’t want them attacking you just when you thought you’d got them.

All in all, if you’ve got an outdoors-oriented insect issue, you might still want to give the Stinger Indoor Insect Trap a whirl, but unlike what the name might lead to you to believe, this isn’t the best electric insect killer to tackle problems inside the house. If you’re looking for something more effective to get rid of flies and other bugs in small numbers you should consider an electric fly swatter or other indoors-insect killers.



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