Pest Sentry Indoor Insect Killer Reviews – Best Electronic Indoor Bug Zapper

Sick of using bug sprays, repellant creams and that same old electric fly swatter that has you running all around the house? Running out of ideas on how to kill mosquitoes and other biting insects?

Need a quick solution to your insect problem but don’t know whom to trust? What you need are honest, accurate reviews of the different bug zappers available in the market. From the ultrasonic pest repeller models to the UV insect killer lamps, there are tons of options and I’m here to help you choose the best of them. Today we are going to take a look at the Pest Sentry Indoor Insect Killer.

Straight off the bat, one of the first things that will catch your eye is the modern, minimalistic design. Most insect killer lamps tend to be very bulky and obtrusive and can make for very unattractive additions to the house; with this electric insect killer you don’t have to worry about design and space issues. The new body is discreet, lightweight and easy to carry.

This insect killers machine use two UV lamps (10W each, 20W in total) that radiate light on all sides of the insect killer machine; the light acts as a beacon to all manner of flying bugs and insects and draws them in. The light will, without fail, draw in mosquitoes, flies, gnats, cockroaches, moths and other pests. Once the winged critters get close enough to the lamp, the electric grid snaps into action. The electric grid carries a charge of 2000W that is guaranteed to immediately kill any and all insects. The electric insect killer is encased within a protective enclosure so that even as the pests fly through, the machine doesn’t pose a threat to humans or pets.
The electric insect killer complies with CE, RoHS & GS safety standards and has been certified to guarantee the same.

It is my opinion that for the most comfortable experience you probably should not use this electric insect killer inside the house, or at least not in a room where you’re all gathered frequently for meals etc.


The fact that this insect killer machine is effective is established by the constant zapping- something that might not make for the most pleasant atmosphere. Yes, it is good to know that the electric insect killer is working well but unless you are absolutely comfortable with the constant buzzing sounds and occasional burning odor that follows the insects getting killed (though it’s very faint, if discernible at all, that is) it’s best not to place the electric fly killer in a room that’s in constant use.


If you want to be extra-sure that you get rid of flies and other insects in a particular room, there are two ways to get around the aforementioned concern. The first step is to clear a room out in advance by placing the electric insect killer in the room for a few hours before its used. The second idea, and this is the option I would really recommend, is to simply place the electric insect killer outside the room in question. If the room opens up to a balcony, that would be the perfect place to stand the machine or you can always hang the insect killer lamp outside a window using the hanging chain provided.

One of the advantages of purchasing this particular electric insect killer is that it is very easy to maintain and the company has taken the trouble of including a cleaning brush as part of the kit. The dead insects collect in a catching tray that is easy to remove, clean and reinsert. The cleaning brush makes for a handy accessory and ensures that you get the most use out of your investment. The outer casing is made of corrosion-proof and scratch-resistant aluminum so you don’t have to worry about investing a lot in maintenance and upkeep.

Another attractive feature is the power cable that this electric insect killer comes with. If you’ve used bug zappers before you probably already know that they’re usually outfitted with notoriously short power chords; all that tangling and knotting can be quite a hassle in day-to-day life. The Pest Sentry Indoor Insect Killer sports a power cable that is twice the normal length, making it rather convenient to plug in and place anywhere you want.


This electronic insect killer was originally listed for PLEASE CHECK BELOW FOR ACTUAL PRICE NOW but there’s currently a discount running and you can save 30% and purchase it for lost lower price instead. Hurry, because this machine really is popular- a proven fact because the Amazon store recently sold out all their stocks, though they’re back now.

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There are a bigger one, 40W Electronic Indoor Insect Killer Zapper at about $10 higher price 


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